About me:


Hi there!

I’ve taught students History at secondary school (7-12) in Sydney Australia for 10 years. I’ve held various roles and involved myself in professional associations and networks beyond my day job. I was also the eLearning Coordinator at my previous school, in charge of initiating, sustaining and implementing technology-based ideas to support and enhance teaching and learning.

My current role involves various things, focussing on the way learning happens in different places and how we can design our environments better to support great learning and teaching. I love connecting people with new ideas, processes and networks which means I’m pretty much in my ideal job. I’m also keen to use technology to enhance and support effective learning wherever and whenever appropriate and valuable.

The connection between teacher and student has never been more important and never under more scrutiny. We have the power to change students’ perception of the world through our approach to teaching and learning – a mighty challenge but one we can support each other to do well. Those who know how to join the growing network of teachers around the world to consolidate and improve their practice will thrive. I hope I can be one of them.

I’m interested in the power of education and consider it a duty to make a positive contribution to the world in the meagre way I can. I’m happily married and now have a beautiful son. I live in Sydney, Australia, but consider myself a citizen of the world.

Feel free to contact me if you have any interest in what I blog about or something you think I should be blogging about. I’m also available to offer advice or counsel as I have done for schools, institutions and start-ups in the past.

My Twitter handle is @mesterman

For more details of my qualifications and experience please visit my live LinkedIn profile http://au.linkedin.com/in/matthewesterman

2nd March 2012 - Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh
Matt and Steve Collis @steve_collis share a joke at the big TeachMeet event at the Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh in March 2012.
Matt at TM MQ
Matt at TeachMeet Macquarie University, racing against the clock