About this blog:

This is a blog relating to learning, education and thinking. It will likely spill over into other topics. Hopefully the posts are reflective and aren’t just an experience in navel-gazing but push my thinking and that of others. It does not reflect the views of my employer or any groups with which I am affiliated. They are in draft form and I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

These are the sorts of questions I like asking, not necessarily knowing the answers:

  • What should we learn and how should we learn it?
  • What is the past and how do we view it as it becomes more distant from the present?
  • How can we use technology, creativity and innovation to maximise our educational experiences and make a society which improves the lives of all?
  • How should teachers and other humans engage in professional learning?
  • What effect do learning spaces have on learning and teaching?

Thank you for taking the time to read even just one of my posts. In a world saturated with images and words, I appreciate your effort.

LeadMeet at NSW Parliament House in May 2014
LeadMeet at NSW Parliament House in May 2014