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We are ready for the future

Back to the future - we've lived up to some of our imagination (but nowhere near all.) So where's my hoverboard? Personally, that has to be the biggest sadness I've felt with the passing of such an auspicious and expectation-laden... Continue Reading →


Dropping the ‘e’ #MSAUedu

Perhaps we aren't ready for this. Perhaps there are too many forces marshalled against the idea for it to succeed right now. Perhaps we should wait just a few more years. To drop the 'e' from eLearning would be to... Continue Reading →

Invisible capes

"We need heroes in education. Educators to be household names just like sports have Cathy Freeman and the law has Geoffrey Robertson." I'm paraphrasing - terribly - Dr Keith Tronc who spoke passionately and with a laser focus at the ACEL... Continue Reading →

A life, a death, and an idea

via the Independent - Terry Pratchett graffiti popped up all over the UK upon his death. When you hear the life some people have lived, it's hard not to look back down the path of your own and let regret... Continue Reading →

Ten cent learning

Image by Tom Parnell via Flickr I was sitting in the car on a sunny Saturday, reading the paper whilst waiting for my brother-in-law's football (soccer) game to start in a suburb in the inner west of Sydney. The windows were... Continue Reading →

Own your learning

On Friday I was lucky enough to speak at the Education Changemakers 2015 #EduChange conference. I openly admit I was intimidated by the outstanding stories of the other speakers and those from the crowd. There really was little distinction in... Continue Reading →

The hardest part of learning

There are many challenges to effective learning. Even the definition of "effective learning" is a challenge. The industrial scale of most education systems, the constant pressure of time, the changes rippling and ripping through society at any moment, political interference...... Continue Reading →

A part of a greater holonomy

This blog post is part of the #blimage (blog-from-image) challenge recently set by Steve Wheeler and Amy Burvall. You can learn more about it on this video I didn't build this bridge. Neither did lots of people in Sydney. Many... Continue Reading →

The dormant power of conferencing

Why do we bother with conferences? You have a big, dimly-lit ballroom, a speaker way down the front, a whole bunch of people at round tables or in chairs facing forwards, sometimes a chairperson to introduce the speaker, a presentation,... Continue Reading →

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