Below are the details for the upcoming seminars run by the National Museum of Australia in conjunction with the State Library of NSW. There are only 50 seats per day, but there will be an option to use the DART video conferencing link available I believe to DEC schools.

It is a fantastic opportunity for your current or future History Extension students to engage in the process and philosophy of history, going beyond a narrative description of the writers and thinkers who have contributed to it over time.

History Extension

National Australia Museum and State Library of NSW

When: August 28 and 29, 4 -5 pm.

Where: State Library of NSW


Professor Peter Stanley from UNSW ADFA campus at Duntroon, in the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society

Dr Kirsten Wehner, Head Curator of the NMA’s People and the Environment section.

Richard Neville, the Mitchell Librarian

Panel discussion and Q & A session

Any off-site school who wants to dial into the videoconference will be able to do so via the DART bridge. DART will soon have a National Museum of Australia portal up on the DARTConnections website . The portal will have details of the programs and how teachers and students can be a part of the programs. Any school wanting to dial in using their own VC equipment will be able to book shortly through the Distance and Rural Technologies website, and we would encourage schools to do this if they have the technology available, to increase the reach and capacity of the event.

For those schools who are only able to participate onsite at the library, the Library will take bookings via email.  We have a capacity limit of 50 for each day in our room (this includes students and teachers). Teachers will need to email with their name and contact details, the name of the school & number of students and teachers attending.  Bookings will be accepted on a first in, first served basis.  On the day we will meet in the Macquarie Street foyer at 3.45pm, to allow time to get everyone settled in the Glasshouse before we dial in to NMA.