Today I checked my Twitter feed over breakfast to see that a colleague from Country Kildare, Ireland, had mentioned me in a Tweet overnight.

Tweet from @noeleenleahy
Tweet from @noeleenleahy

Noeleen and I had organised that a group of students from her school, St Wolstan’s Community School, and my previous school, Brigidine College, St Ives, would collaborate to produce an informative website about the life and impact of St Brigid.

After a few Skype sessions, many emails flying back and forth and lots of work in the background from the both of us as well as teachers and students at our schools, we enabled our classes to build a highly informative and interesting website that explores the origins and nature of the Brigidine tradition as well as its impact in Australia through the Order of Brigidine sisters.

As great as it was for our young investigators and publishers to explore the content of the project, it was thrilling to see our students so keen to engage with various aspects of 21st century learning: creation of new information, collaboration, global connectivity, authentic audiences and critical information analysis skills to name but a few.

The greatest part of the whole project? It wasn’t to measure the students, it wasn’t to give them a mark. Students could be included in the collaboration process to explore their strengths as learners and were able to develop an understanding of the process of developing a project online.

Happily, there was some official recognition for students (and for @noeleenleahy too!) as the project was entered into the Irish School Internet Awards 2013, specifically the Junior Spider Awards. And, to ice the cake completely, they won!

I feel honoured to have been a part of the project and hope to continue this kind of collaboration with Noeleen and others around the world!

Check out what our students put together by CLICKING HERE.