Last Thursday, the first of two professional development days at my new school, I was asked to present a short overview of my eLearning vision to my colleagues.

After several hours of development and preparation, I felt I had put together a fairly engaging talk that would stimulate thoughts about how teachers might explore the use of ICT for teaching and learning this year. Drawing together the strategic aims of the College, current and emerging technologies and individual strengths and differences within the staff, my main aim was to draw in those who are open to change and calm the nerves of those who fear it.

I tried to focus on the theme of ‘capacity’ – the idea that we each have different capacity in all aspects of our lives and that we must explore and expand our capacity in order to grow as educators. We are at different points in our career and have different strengths and weaknesses in all areas of pedagogy and wider teaching responsibilities. But, if I can help teachers be innovative and think differently about how they do what they do, I think I will have achieved my own goals. Luckily, my new colleagues are incredibly welcoming and supportive so I know I’ll enjoy the process.

I’ve only taken the first step in my journey at my new professional home, but I’m very much looking forward to the possibilities on the horizon.

SS eLearning Jan 2013