The questions begin….

On Twitter this week, with the able leadership of @CatherineRHart, I moderated a discussion on the topic of assessment in History. Educators, historians and the generally interested public are able to participate in the discussions and we had about a dozen keen participants regularly contributing to the chat last night.

The questions that led the discussion were:

Q1: What kinds of formal assessment of learning do you use most often? (e.g. in class essay)

Q2: What kinds of assessment do you find Ss struggle with most?

Q3: How much do you model/scaffold historical research for students?

Q4: What historical skills do you assess and how?

Q5: What kinds of questions/tasks do you set to avoid plagiarism?

Q6: What is an assessment task you are proud to use? Pls share on Edmodo!

Everyone who participated had interesting observations and arguments to make, from the light-hearted to the deeply held. All to be made within one or two tweets of no more than 160 characters!

Participants shared their experiences, their ideas, their creativity and their concerns with quite refreshing honesty. I thank everyone who was involved and hope more do so in the future! Below is the Storify record of the chat, filled to the brim with links, ideas and possibilities for the History classroom.

[View the story “#histedchat Halloween! 31-10-12” on Storify]

A snapshot of #histedchat through Tweetdeck.