As a follow up to my lesson in which I had students develop memes for The Giver, our current text, I decided to have the girls complete some basic visual analysis and deconstruction. Instead of offering them an image that may or may not have relevance to the themes and issues in the text, I asked the students to upload all their memes to a common location in our Virtual Classroom and choose memes from that library.

Some chose to analyse other students’ work and some chose to use their own but either way it was an interesting and challenging way of deconstructing a text they had just finished constructing.

It was understanding information from both ends.

And here’s the activity…thoughts are welcomed! Along with this very basic explanation of the task, a sample was given (of a meme created by me) to model the way in which students could label their images. It was very important to show the students what I meant by visual analysis as they had never engaged with it before, even though it led to a discussion on how best to do it. My way was not the highway in this case as this task involves the students using their own voice to express their ideas about what the meme means.


The Giver: Meme-ory Analysis

Last lesson you created a meme that relates to ideas, characters or themes in The Giver by Lois Lowry. Now you will complete a short analysis on THREE memes from the class.

When we analyse a text of any kind (film, text, poem, image etc) we look for techniques and devices used by the creator/author. These techniques and devices are used on purpose to create meaning.

When analysing images, we need to look for features such as:

  • Layout (position and size of the images/texts)
  • Colours and shadow
  • Facial/body expression
  • Content of text (what is being said)
  • Style of text (how it is being said/presented)
  • Symbols (images or parts of images that represent other ideas, e.g. a red cross might mean a hospital)
  • Themes and concepts

You will need to use text boxes to label features of the image and text that highlight ideas from The Giver.

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