Je suis desole for the lack of new updates to finish my UK trip, however, I’m finding that Paris is just too amazing. Either I am enjoying the mass of historical sites, the gorgeous food and drink, the warm and very patient Parisians (for my garbled basic French phrases, not the other drivers on e road), and the general buzz of travelling in a different country.

I will finish the UK tour story in due course. Perhaps if it is both raining AND all shops & museums here are closed. On that condition, there may be quite a wait.

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If you’d like to know more about my Uk trip including the student led “Teach the Teachers” Teachmeet, check back in a week or two.

Funny story: of all the bus tours happening in Paris, a student I actually teach this year hopped on our open top bus right behind me. What are the chances?! Should have put a bet on it.